Budget has a fleet of over 1000 vehicles in Bahrain. Budget is synonymous with superior standards in customer satisfaction and uses 100% original equipment parts and works only with authorised vehicle dealers.
Timely maintenance of all vehicles are carried out in our full fledged service facility. We have additional 7 locations all over the kingdom for rentals, used car and administrative services.

(Leasing approvals are subject to terms and conditions)

Our contracts include:

1. Wide range of New Vehicles: Choice of brand new vehcles from small sedans to large SUVs and commercial vehicles.
Brand new vehicles will be delivered to the customer within 15 working days with an additional 9 days time in case of registration delays and availability of the vehicle with the dealer.

2. Tailor Made Contracts: Contracts that can be customised to the customers requirement including the duration and the mileage allowance.

3. Temporary Pre Lease Vehicles: Equivalent replacement vehicles will be provided incase of delay in new vehicle delivery.

4. Zero maintenance hassle: Periodic vehicle maintenance with free and immediate replacement vehicle coupled with 24 hours break down service.

5. Lower Monthly payments compared to buying: Lease a car and pay upto 30% less as monthly payments as the payment is restricted to the leasing period only unlike buying the same car.

6. Credit Facility: Credit facility for a duration of 30 days.

7. Cross Border Facility: Cross border facility to the eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

8. Deep sanitised cars: All permanent and replacement cars are cleaned and sanitised after each maintenance service.

9.Pick Up and Drop facility: Pick up and drop facility to the customer premises during regular maintenance service.

10. Lack of Depreciative assets and administrative cost: Capital can be used for core business investments than spend on depreciative assets and the entourage of administrative and maintenance staff.

11.Towing Facility: Free towing facility in case of accidents/breakdowns all over the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Please contact on 8000 1551 or +973-17217788, Email : reservations@budgetbahrain.com

Budget Leasing